Why Fairy Tales?

Why Fairy Tales?

Well, I love fairy tales!


How come? Many years ago (or should I say once upon a time?) when I decided to become a full-time writer I noticed there is a much bigger market for children’s than adult’s audience.  So I wrote a couple of fairy tales and submitted them to the editor on the national radio station.


He was not too impressed with originality (they were variations of well-known stories as Ugly Duckling, The Cricket and the Ant etc.), but he liked the humor and twists of my versions, so he decided to publish them in one of oldest and most respectable radio shows in the country and definitely the most known radio show for kids.

The three Bears by Arthur Rackham



A year and a half after I had almost fifty published fairy tales on the radio, two radio plays for children and I certainly didn’t want to rest on achievements. By coincidence, I found out my old friend became a chief editor of a respectful magazine for parents and children and asked her if she would be interested in my fairy tales.  She published a couple of them and unfortunately soon after quit the job…


But it was enough to convince the next editor to give me my own page in the magazine! So ten years later I survived six editors and one major financial crisis of the magazine but not the second one. Magazine went out of business when I got more than three hundred published fairy tales and short stories for children, including a dozen audio cassettes and compact discs.


The market was constantly changing, so was my life and interests, but fairy tales stayed. Last year I got an offer from an educational oriented company to make a class dedicated to using of fairy tales in kindergarten and lower grades of school.  To prepare the material I studied some theory (I knew a lot of dirty facts before) and decided to share my knowledge to a wider audience with the help of some blogs. At the moment I have three blogs about fairy tales in Slovene language and this is the first one in English.



I know my English is not perfect but I will try my best to provide interesting and amusing ideas related to fairy tales. For a good start, I will also provide an English translation (by a much better speaker) to one of my older stories.  When it's ready.


See ya!

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