fairy tales

fairy tales · 26. July 2019
Red Riding Hood is extremely popular fairy tale, known in numerous versions and offering countless interpretations.
fairy tales · 02. June 2019
Goldilocks is pretty simple story about a girl who enters the house of the bears, eats their food and uses their furniture before they find her and she escapes. But its history and the variations of the story are surprisingly rich.
fairy tales · 27. April 2019
The fairy tale Snow White from the collection by Brothers Grimm is for sure one of the best known stories in the whole world. As far as I know it is pretty new and in my opinion some sort of hybrid made from several other classic fairy tales. It posses characteristics of The Sleeping Beauty (conflict with a jealous witch, long sleep, similar to death), Cinderella (absent and incompetent father who married a wrong woman), Wolf and Seven kids (magic number seven, dependence from the outside...
fairy tales · 07. April 2019
Three little pigs is a story about taking responsibilities and growing up. It's full of symbolism, especially everything related to magic number three.
fairy tales · 28. February 2019
What are the benefits of reading, you may ask? Well, in this blog we are dealing with fairy tales, but most of the kids know fairy tales only from television or cinema, not from books. There's a chance they were introduced to some fairy tale characters for the first time in computer games! Yet we should not diminish the importance of books. They have some old fashioned feel and they are certainly not attractive as video versions with tons of special effects. But books have some great advantages...
fairy tales · 18. February 2019
The Goose Girl is a well-known fairy tale written by brothers Grimm with a lot of variations. The story starts with princes who left her home with a maiden. On the way to another kingdom, the maiden forces the princess to switch positions. Thus the real princess comes to the castle of her future husband in the role of a servant. When they reach their destination the maiden introduces herself as a princess and arranges the real princess becomes a goose girl. The prince doesn't notice anything,...
fairy tales · 04. February 2019
This popular fairy tale is most known from Brothers Grimm’s collection. It is about three brothers who left home to learn their professions and earn magic gifts. While the first two brothers lost their gifts the third one saved his own present and regained theirs, so happy ending is inevitable… But this on the surface simple fairy tale, like most others, actually offers much more. It's also a story about trust, forgiving, growing up and taking responsibilities
fairy tales · 18. January 2019
Yes, fairy tales can be looked like a possible transmitter of ideas, norms, values, etc., - shortly - memes. The term meme was first used in Richard Dawkins’ revolutionary and controversial book The Selfish Gene. Richard Dawkins is one of the greatest advocates of Darwin’s evolutionary theory and brilliant author who is constantly fighting with creationists. A meme is like a virus. It can be transferred from person to person, use all kinds of media (books, internet, movies, ...) as hosts...
fairy tales · 26. October 2018
Jack was not too smart but a hearty guy who traded his cow for some supposedly magical beans. Beans were indeed magical and after one-night giant stalk had sprung up to the sky where Jack found a castle with ogre… This story is believed to be about five thousand (!) years old.
fairy tales · 03. October 2018
This famous collection of fairy tales is best known by the framed format of narration where Sheherazade tells her husband a tale after a tale just to postpone her death. After 1001 nights he finally realized his love and decides to spare her life (she gave birth to three kids in the meantime). At present, The Arabian Nights are mostly famous about there exotic settings but in the original collection is oriented on trust and loyalty, common sense and responsibility as other known fairy tales...

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